About ME!

Hello everyone! I am Julia…people call me Juju or Ju. I am TALL for my age. Friendship is TREASURE to me. =)  I cant live without that TREASURE. I Love rock climbing, i love to hang out with my friends outside, i LOVE shopping!!! And i love swimming with my Buddies. Me and my budds go ice skating on fridays..well not EVERY friday! It’ll be nice if it was every friday though…lol. And i obviously CANNOT LIVE without a..uh…umm…err… COMPUTERRRRR!!!!!!!! Oh dear, i am addicted to computers. LoL. Haha…  I love love love my puppy Coco. He is the “one” who makes me laugh everyday. HAHAHA! lolzzz… He drinks alota water and pee’s alot though. =P

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I have a puppy name Coco. And i lurve him very much. And he is the cutest thing in the WHOLE ENTIRE LIVING WORLD!!! Well..i have to clear his poop everyday and wash his urine and take him out for walks everyday. Well, if u want the fun, you have to want the WORK. =P . Lol. I love bathing him every week. It”s fun, because i get wet too. Haha…
I will FOREVER and ALWAYS love COCO!!! <3<3<3

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Hello world!

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