About ME!

Hello everyone! I am Julia…people call me Juju or Ju. I am TALL for my age. Friendship is TREASURE to me. =)  I cant live without that TREASURE. I Love rock climbing, i love to hang out with my friends outside, i LOVE shopping!!! And i love swimming with my Buddies. Me and my budds go ice skating on fridays..well not EVERY friday! It’ll be nice if it was every friday though…lol. And i obviously CANNOT LIVE without a..uh…umm…err… COMPUTERRRRR!!!!!!!! Oh dear, i am addicted to computers. LoL. Haha…  I love love love my puppy Coco. He is the “one” who makes me laugh everyday. HAHAHA! lolzzz… He drinks alota water and pee’s alot though. =P


About juliarox

I Rock! I love my puppy.
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